Jérémie Boyard likes to intertwine fictional narratives with real ones, to highlight the multiple layers of an image whilst using concrete elements of our society and cultures. He observes and plays with a globalised language and a manufactured heritage. By manipulating and hybridising objects, he shapes a sphere of illusion and playful confusion. By inverting certain symbols, images, and objects,
he invokes, through these choices, other ways of experiencing aesthetics, much like the believers of the Obeah. He tries to draw attention to the unspoken, the unseen, the subversive, the inner beauty.

Often, when our perception of time is distorted by aesthetics, we appreciate a differentiated time to feel, observe and reflect on what our cultural heritage is.

For the collective experience of this reflection, the artist proposes an interactive and ephemeral indoor dry mini-garden – a kind of free forum to share and create patterns together by raking « the earth ».
Using a quiet critique of our everyday « still life », he encourages reflection on the condition of contemporary utopias and calls for more simplicity in a globalised and wandering world.

Kmplt, Brussels, 2021